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SPI amplifier can realize SPI(TTL) signal’s expansion, amplification and distribution. Especially suitable for multi-channel sync control projects. It can copy the changes of one channel LEDs to others, so you can connect more hundreds of LEDs than before by install several signal amplifiers, and save lots of money on the project.

SPI signal amplifier is full compatibility. Can be used to expand all manufacturers’ SPI(TTL) signal controller and lamp’s signal in market. And it can connect with SPI(TTL) signal of all ICs.

SPI Signal Amplifier
  • 2CH Water-proof SPI signal amplifier LT-122
    Input signal SPI(TTL)
    Ouput signal 2CH SPI(TTL)
    Input power DC5V-DC36V
    waterproof level IP67
    working temperature -30℃~55℃
    Dimension L92×W37×H30mm
    Package Size L123×W43×H42mm
    Weight (G.W) 80g
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