dali controller

Out pixel controller almost able to control all IC-driven LED lights. Compact and powerful, various built-in changing effects and customized scene modes can bring you fantastic color!

By RF remote control, you can select from a variety of dynamic lighting effects, set controlled pixels quantity, adjust the changing speed and brightness, change the lighting moving direction, adjust RGB sequence, select the IC type, store and play customized scene etc.

LED Control system
  • LED Lighting Control System LT-600(Off-line Pattern)
    Working voltage DC12V
    Output signal channels 16 Channels
    Loading capability per channel 512-1920 pixels/channel
    Off-line storage media SD memory card
    SD card capability 2GB Max.
    Grey level Max. 65536 scale
    Refreshing frequency 60Hz~3000Hz
  • Total 1 Page 1 Records
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