dali controller

  • 1 channel input, 2-3 channel output, independent photoelectric isolation > 3KV between 3 output channels.

  • DMX512 bus connect lighting system equipment, has signal amplification, signal distribution, and signal isolation function.

  • Support extending the signal transmission distance function to amplify signal when DMX signal is weakness after long-distance transmission or connect multiple devices.

DMX Signal amplifier
  • DMX Signal Amplifier LT-123
    Input voltage DC12V (mated power supply adaptor)
    Input DMX signal 1 CH (photoelectricity isolation >3kv)
    Output DMX signal 3 CH (photoelectricity isolation >3kv)
    DMX512 socket: XLR-3 plug/Green terminal
    working temperature -30℃~65℃
    Dimension L192×W80×H41mm
    Package Size L270×W90×H46mm
    Weight (G.W) 563g
  • DMX Signal Amplifier DIN-121
    Input voltage DC12V-DC24V
    Input DMX signal 1 CH (photoelectricity isolation 1kv)
    Output DMX signal 2 CH (photoelectricity isolation 1kv)
    working temperature -30℃~65℃
    Dimension L112×W35×H67(mm)
    Package Size L114×W37×H70(mm)
    Weight (G.W) 135g
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