triac controller

LTECH Intelligent dimmable led driver have excellent performance:

  • Full-digital circuit design, more outstanding performance and life.
  • PWM digital dimming, do not change the LED color rendering index.
  • 60000: 1 depth dimming, 0-100% full range of dimming, LED starts dimming from 0.1%.
  • Wide voltage range + 8 current choices, can match lamps at different power.
  • Stepless dimming, no flicker.
Triac Dimmer
  • EBOX-TD Wireless Module
    Input Voltage: 100~240Vac
    Wireless Signal: RF 2.4GHz
    Working Temp.: -30℃~55℃
    Dimensions: L55×W55×H21(mm)
    Package Size: L65×W65×H26(mm)
    Weight(G.W.): 70g

  • E1S-TD Series Touch Panel (dimming)
    Control Mode RF wireless control and touch panel control
    Input Voltage 100-240Vac
    Load inrush current Max. 60A
    Wireless Signal RF 2.4GHz
    Working Temp. -20℃~55℃
    Dimensions L86×W86×H36(mm)
    Package Size L113×W112×H50(mm)
    Weight(G.W.) 225g

  • Triac Dimmer E6-TD1
    Model: E6-TD1
    Dimming Mode: Leading edge(triac)
    Input Voltage: 200-240VAC,50-60Hz
    Load Power: Incandescent lamp:25-500W
      High-voltage halogen lamp:25-500W
      Dimming LEDs:6-300W
    Working Temp.: -20℃~55℃
    Dimensions: L86×W86×H50mm
    Package Size: L106×W106×H60mm
    Weight(G.W.): 180g

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