【Enterprise mission】
  • Focus on technological innovation, improve lighting quality, makes healthy and intelligent light enviroment becoming normal.
【Company prospect】
  • Collect international advanced controlling technology, Rely on LTECH people' intelligence and endeavour, Ensure products achieve leadership in technology and remarkable in performance. Lead to we are the worldwide famous LED controller manufacturer.
【Core value】
  • Thankful, Fighting
  • Innovation, win-win
【LTECH brand connotation】

(Namely, Chinese pronounce: Leite) is composed by English and Chinese, Also can use English or Chinese independently .

LTECH is the combination of L and TECH, “L”refer to LED、LIGHTING、LAMP、LASER etc. English initial letter, “TECH” refer to technology.

LTECH refer to “lighting technology”, who embark upon developing “lighting technology”.

 (Namely, Chinese pronounce: Leite) is the English transliteration, the initial consonant of “(Lei)” is “L”, which is related to lighting. The initial consonant of “(Te)” is “T”, which refer to outstanding, extraordinary.

LTECH will develope becoming the worldwide first-class LED controller manufacturer, first-class design, first-class quality, Create value for customers!


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